Sunday, November 29, 2015

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Friday, November 27, 2015

Relating Multiplication and Division Interactive Notebook


It's finally finished!  This interactive notebook was so much fun to create.  Your students will love how engaging and challenging it is.  I have always loved teaching multiplication. It's one of those rights of passage as a third grader, and my students have always enjoyed it.

So let's check it out!  This interactive notebook has nine different activities to meet all of the Operations and Algebraic Thinking standards for grade 3. I included a cute little notebook cover, a table of contents for students to fill in as they go, a work in progress envelope for loose pieces, and a visuals page to help with set-up.

I've also added anchor charts to help with key concepts.  I just go ahead and paste those alongside students' output, so they can be referred to when necessary.

Sample anchor chart
Sample anchor chart
Sample anchor chart
Also part of this resource is a handful of "Think and Write" questions that encourage students to think about challenging concepts more deeply.  Simply paste the question in the notebook and students can respond below it.

"Think and Write" questions allow for reflection
I tried to keep the cutting and gluing to a minimum.  I eliminate extra flaps by having my students trace around the flap so they know where to write their answers in their notebook (so answers don't overlap underneath flaps).  It makes for a little less mess.

Trace around flaps so students know exactly where to write their answers.

The vocabulary I included in this set is array, associative property, commutative property, distributive property, dividend, divisor, equation, factor, product, and quotient.  I like my students to draw pictures, label, give examples, and include definitions with their vocabulary.  Writing on the back of the flap, as well as underneath allows room for this.

Multiplication strategies
Word problems are my favorite!
Find the missing number
Here are some of my favorite read-alouds when teaching multiplication and division.

If you'd like to try this resource out, here's a little freebie for you!  It includes the student notebook cover, vocabulary, multiplication and division strategies interactives; as well as the literature resources.  Click on the photo below:

Click for FREEBIE!
Thanks for taking a look at my newest creation.  I hope you have a great time teaching multiplication and division concepts.  I would love for this interactive notebook to be in your classroom too!

Happy teaching!

Monday, November 16, 2015

One is a Feast for Mouse and a Being Grateful Freebie

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are enjoying November, parent teacher conferences are behind you, and your Thanksgiving turkey is in the freezer, ready for next week.

Today I'd love to share a fun little read-aloud that I just found at the library.  It's called, "One is a Feast for Mouse:  A Thanksgiving Tale", by Judy Cox.  It is a story of a mouse on a mission for just one tiny pea that was left over from the Thanksgiving dinner. However, when he spies the array of scrumptious tidbits left behind by the humans, he is determined to stack more than he can carry back to his hidey-hole (even though a lone pea would suffice).

After the mouse retrieves his pea, he sees a cranberry and three olives.

His pile is starting to get a bit out of control.  How will he ever get this feast back to his house?

Uh-oh.  Trouble has arrived.  After the cat destroys his hopes of getting his treasures back home safely, he spots one single pea in the corner.
"One is a feast for me!"
This is a wonderful conversation starter about how much one really needs to be happy, what's truly important, and to be thankful for the little things in life.  It can also be a good reminder for our students to be grateful for what they have, and how it is important to show gratitude for those things.

If you'd like a free printable to help your students focus on the real meaning of Thanksgiving, you can grab it by clicking the image below.  Have a great week!

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